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UHNM teamwork strengthened by challenges

Teamwork on UHNM’s heart care unit is stronger than ever before, thanks to outstanding staff support through the most difficult of times. The coronary care nursing team work closely with healthcare support workers on the unit to provide gold-standard care for their patients, working extra shifts and staying later than expected to facilitate safe and effective care.

Katie Cheadle, senior sister on the coronary care unit (CCU), said: “All the team have demonstrated  resilience and togetherness and we go above and beyond to ensure the specialised needs and requirements of our patients are met in a timely manner. This is always achieved, despite the high acuity and fast pace of the unit. Staff have a great can-do attitude and nothing is too much trouble for them.

“Each team member has a specific role and interest and they disseminate this specialised information back to their colleagues, improving education and ensuring quality standards. All staff play an active role in the development of peers and services within the unit and the camaraderie within the team is fantastic, everyone is a team player who supports one another without question. This ensures the patient journey is both pleasant and efficient.”

Staff were recently presented with the Team of the Month award by the Trust’s executive medical director Matthew Lewis in recognition of their work.

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