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Team help reunite lost elderly gentleman with family

Two members of the radiotherapy team helped to reunite a lost elderly gentleman with his wife recently. Matthew Beckett, receptionist, (left) and Ciaran Jones, radiotherapy technician, (right) sat with the gentleman for more than an hour, reassuring him and helping him to remember more details.

Katie Gough, senior therapeutic radiographer, said: “This gentleman was not a cancer patient and arrived unescorted in radiotherapy reception in a very confused state. He was able to remember his name but not his date of birth or where he lived.  As his name was very common it was impossible to find him on any hospital systems and he had no ID on him and did not know where he had come from. He had not been reported missing and it was becoming more likely that a referral to the mental health liaison team would need to be made as he was so confused.

“Eventually Ciaran and Matthew managed to help him remember more details so that they were able to contact his next of kin to come and collect him. This was above and beyond their normal duties and at all times they treated the gentleman with compassion, patience and professionalism. The gentleman was given the dignity he deserved and eventually remembered his wife's Christian name. He was reunited with his family, who were understandably worried about him.”

Ciaran and Matthew were presented with their Team of the Month award by Lisa Thomson, Director of Communications and UHNM Charity

Ciaran and Matthew have been given the Team of the Month award in recognition of their compassion and care.

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