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Pathway navigator Tracy thanked for “patience, humanity and sense of humour”

A urology patient has thanked early diagnosis navigator Tracy Gilbert for her “patience, humanity and sense of humour”. Tracy helps to guide people through the first part of their cancer journey, making early contact with patients to arrange appointments and ensuring they can progress to the point of treatment in a timely manner.

UHNM has one of the largest urology units in the West Midlands and offers a comprehensive range of urology services. It is a designated urology cancer centre and receives referrals from local and regional hospitals for specialist surgery. The highly skilled team care for people within a wide age range of between 39 and 102.

The patient, who preferred not to be identified, has given Tracy the UHNM Hero award, saying: “Since I went on the cancer pathway for suspected prostate cancer I must say that the service has been superb. I have been dealt with quickly and professionally with warmth, humour and a feeling that they care. This has been by all the team members in urology that I have come into contact with but I would particularly wish to single out Tracy Gilbert. Her patience, humanity and sense of humour aligned with a can-do attitude and willingness to respond in challenging circumstances made such a difference to my wife and myself.

“Even so far as changing arrangements, contacting the specialist nurse whilst I was driving down dirt tracks on holiday in search of a stable signal so I could have my consultation meeting. We had a laugh as I was negotiating forest tracks until I ended up by the telephone mast in the forest. Tracy ensured I had my appointment and this meant I was able to put the matter to one side and enjoy the remainder of my holiday.”

Tracy was presented with her special award this week by Lisa Thomson, Director of Communications and UHNM Charity.

Tracy said: “I’m really proud to work for the urology team. To do what we do at the speed we do it is a massive achievement. Urology are a fantastic team and we just push the borders as much as we can to get people seen, sorted and cared for. We do our best. I am just doing my job.”


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