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Rota co-ordinator thanked by chief executive

Anaesthetics rota co-ordinator Sarah Bloor has been thanked by the chief executive for her outstanding work during the pandemic.  A team of doctors nominated Sarah for frequently working beyond her normal duties and working extra hours including evenings and weekends. Sarah manages rotas for approximately 100 consultants, 40 trainees and staff doctors.

Dr Lisa Bouras, Trainee Service Lead, said: “Sarah’s knowledge of each of us and our skillset, as well as the elective and emergency anaesthetic system, means she can get the right anaesthetist to the right place. She commonly works evenings and weekends to help ensure shifts are covered and she does this even in non-Covid times. Sarah has an incredible in-depth understanding of the way the department works. This and her dedication to the department and service as a whole is something we feel deserves huge recognition.”

Sarah is approaching her ten-year anniversary working as Rota Co-ordinator in August. She has now been given the Chief Executive’s Award in recognition of her achievements.

Tracy Bullock, Chief Executive, said: “This award is so well deserved. Happy doctors mean happy patients, so I’m very pleased with the job Sarah is doing. Her efforts are very much appreciated and it’s lovely to see that her hard work has been recognised by so many of her colleagues.”

Sarah said: “I have been doing this job for nearly 10 years now and feel I know it inside out, but it makes things easier to have a great team of people to work with and support you, everyone from the admin team to the doctors. It’s lovely to receive the award and to know that people have noticed my work.”