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General Medicine wards

On the Royal Stoke Site we have two Diabetes & Endocrinology based general medical wards which cater to the needs of patients with multi-system pathology and multi-morbidity. The clinical challenges are very varied providing a breadth of experience from a developmental perspective and the depth of knowledge achieved by looking after these patients is second to none.

The nursing and medical teams work very cohesively in a seamless manner ensuring a swift patient journey. The skills attained from working on these wards and looking after these patients will form the foot print of one’s future nursing career within their own portfolio and the map of medical expertise obtained while moulding one’s career. The dynamic team work and inter-personal skills obtained working in conjunction with different allied healthcare professionals like pharmacists, therapists and specialist nurses from other teams and these opportunities to foster a collaborative approach would form the fabric of a strong foundation for a fabulous nursing career to embark on broadening horizons and widening the landscape of your nursing skills.

The medical and nursing teams’ works in unison and everyone is involved in the decision making process for our patients and therefore being able to influence from below upwards irrespective of the experience one has prior to joining the team. There is a track record of close coordination and working relationships with the discharge facilitators, ward clerks and flow coordinators in keeping with the true spirit of a positive outlook and vibrant approach towards looking after the sick patients we are entrusted to care for and we are always proud to welcome you to be part of this family with outstanding team work and exceptional nursing leadership.

Ward 7 is a newly established 32 bedded medical ward that aims to treat any adult with a medical condition with support of the multidisciplinary team. The ward treats a variety of medical conditions from a UTI to decompensated heart failure. We also care for those patients in the last stages of their condition with compassion and dignity using the purple bow scheme. Due to nature of the patients and the number of discharges the ward can be a fast paced environment to work which can be exciting and provide a large amount of learning opportunities.

Ward 14 is a busy acute medical ward which cares for patients with a range of complex health needs including respiratory, diabetes and gastroenterology.  Patients are admitted to the ward from our Emergency Department, Acute Medical Unit or from the Royal Stoke Hospital. The  team ensure that all patients residing in our care are treated with compassion, respect and dignity at all times. Our patients receive person centred care with a holistic approach by including all families and carers in the patients’ journey whilst at County Hospital.

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