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Sharon Wallis

Sharon Wallis

Head of Midwifery & Gynaecology

 Why did you choose the career you have?

I always wanted to be a midwife form a very early age but I have no idea why! There are no nurses or midwives in my family so I can only guess it was a vocation. I was absolutely steadfast that midwifery was for me. I did my nursing first in 1986 and strangely disliked my maternity placement however I went on to do my midwifery training and qualified in 1993.


What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now?

 I don’t consider that I have challenges just opportunities which I have taken. I never planned to be a Head of Midwifery but as my career developed, I took a path into management. I have always been fortunate to be supported through my career and encouraged to push myself. If you would have told the 18 year old me that I would have two Master’s degrees, I would have laughed at the idea but I do and I am proud of everything that I have achieved.


How does what you do make a difference to other people?

 I don’t provide hands on care but the decisions I make, can impact on every woman that uses the service hopefully in a positive way. I always have women and families as the focus of any changes or developments we make as a service. There is no greater privilege than being a midwife, sharing the moment that a couple become a family and it is an even greater privilege to lead the team that provide such great care. I hope that I use the skills I learnt as a midwife in my management role to care and support the staff.


What would you say to other women aspiring to be in a similar field of healthcare and who may have doubts about their ability to achieve their goals?

 If you love people and want to make a difference, are passionate about the rights of women to make their own choices and are amazed by the power of women to nurture a baby then birth it, then nothing will stand in your way. Keep women and families as your focus and work for them, seek support and mentoring to guide you and believe in yourself, that you can cope with the studying and academic work and it really is worth it in the end to do the best job in the world.

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