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Karen Juggins

Karen Juggins
Karen Juggins

Consultant Orthodontist

  • Why did you choose the career you have?

Someone once told me that the best thing you can wear is a smile. I totally believe that to be true and as an orthodontist I have the pleasure of creating fabulous smiles for teenagers and young adults every day. Straight teeth are my passion! My particular specialist interest is the correction of facial deformity, which is enormously rewarding.

  • What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now?

Time pressures are always a challenge. Juggling a career with professional exams, a husband, two young children and more recently home schooling, is no easy task. But there are many more women out there juggling more than me. Laying out your priorities, always having a ‘plan B’ and being super-organised are essential to success. That and remembering not to sweat the small stuff!

  • How does what you do make a difference to other people?

We are all very quick to judge people on their words, on their actions and on their looks. Research has shown that the appearance of your teeth really does influence the way people think about you. Whilst I don't believe the perfect smile will get you 4 'A' levels or a multi-million pound job or a film star husband or wife, I do believe it gives you the self-confidence and happiness to go out there and shine.

  • What would you say to other women aspiring to be in a similar field of healthcare and who may have doubts about their ability to achieve their goals?

Hard work is often mistaken for luck, but the harder you work, the luckier you'll get. Find your passion, stretch yourself, squeeze value out of every day... and don't let anyone underestimate your determination to succeed!

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