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Dr Amal Elzubair

  •  What made you choose the career you have?

I chose a career in paediatrics  as it is a career full of joy and a  fulfilling job. It  is focused on helping children and their families lead a healthy life and therefore a happier life.

  • What challenges have you faced getting to where you are now?

(these can be personal and professional) As an international doctor and a parent, I have faced a lot of difficulties when I first moved to the UK. Getting used to the healthcare system, being away from your family and friends and starting your whole life again in a new country without a support system, while trying to work as a doctor and start my career in the nhs.

  • How does what you do make a difference to other people?

As doctors we make a difference everyday by treating our patients and relieving their pain. We also have a great impact on our patients and their families. As international female doctors we inspire other women who moved from their country of origin to overcome challenges and  not give up on their dreams. 

  • What would you say to other women aspiring to be in a similar field and who may have doubts about their ability to achieve their goals?

Believe in yourself and your abilities, challenges are part of the road but they won’t stop you if you persevere.

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