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Dr Bravean Kulendrarajah, Junior Doctor

Dr Bravean Kulendrarajah, Junior Doctor

Dr Bravean Kulendrarajah, Junior Doctor

Dr Bravean Kulendrarajah, 24, grew up in London. He was initially asked to help out on the paediatric unit.

Bravean said: “As a child I had to go to hospital for frequent asthma treatments. When I saw the doctors and nurses talking to patients and making a difference, it inspired me to do something in healthcare. I applied to do medicine, where I felt I could make a real difference to people’s lives.

“I wanted to do my part to help out during the pandemic. We had to dive in at the deep end and figure things out as time went on. It was such a huge responsibility and I felt scared about covering such a varied range of conditions with little previous exposure and knowledge, but it was also exciting to be able to learn more and nurture my skills. Although paediatrics wasn’t one of the specialties I had chosen, I am now thinking of pursuing a career in it.

“My housemates are doctors and were also asked to help out in different specialties. It was nice coming back from work and talking about our day and we learned a lot from each other. We would all have good and bad days, but we helped each other out whenever possible.”

Junior doctors around the country have had to make big sacrifices to step up for the NHS.

Bravean said: “There are a few things us final year students have missed out on, like the opportunity to practice medicine in a country with different healthcare resources. Also, our final year ended really abruptly and it meant we weren’t able to say goodbye to friends we had studied with over the past five to six years.

“The learning curve of this experience has felt steep and unending, but it has made me into the doctor I am today.”  

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