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Behind the Scenes of 999: Critical Condition

Every day, clinicians at Royal Stoke University Hospital make a series of decisions that are often the difference between life and death.  For six months crews from Brinkworth Productions were embedded in the hospital’s Major Trauma Centre - one of the best in the country -  and followed the cases that matter most, where someone’s life is on the line.

Building a strong rapport and trust with emergency medicine consultants, nurses and specialist surgeons, the film crews were given exclusive access to the emergency department, theatres and some ward areas, providing them rare and exclusive access to capture the time sensitive decisions our clinicians face in their efforts to do what is right for patients, their loved ones and carers on a daily basis.

Award winning for its fast paced gritty style 999:Critical Condition puts viewers at the heart of a battle for life following staff and patients as they confront the difficult realities of emergency medicine.

Made with an inclusive and diverse crew, both on and off screen, the series is hugely successful and can be watched back on My 5

Lisa Thomson, UHNM director of communications, said: “For six months we welcomed film crews and producers from Brinkworth Productions into the Royal Stoke University Hospital who embedded themselves with our live saving teams in our major trauma centre. We have incredibly dedicated staff working across our hospitals, many leading the way in their fields nationally; in some cases internationally – and we are delighted that we get to showcase them and our world class services in the award-winning 999: Critical Condition.”

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