Work Experience at University Hospital



​​​​​​​​​​​​Work experience at the University Hospitals of North Midlands offers a great opportunity to sample a career in the NHS and gain more experience. Work Experience is a placement in which a young person or adult carries out a range of general workplace tasks and activities, but with the emphasis being on the learning aspects of the experience.

The organisation has a number of placement areas available. The duration of placements can vary between one day and two weeks. (Placements are available subject to department workloads and staffing and will be accommodated wherever possible). The work experience team does reserve the right to postpone the acceptance of application requests.  

Department Age Restrictions

The work experience programme is available predominantly to students who either live or are studying within the geographical area of which the Trust serves. If there is additional placement capacity, these will then be offered to all other applicants outside the boundaries with a genuine interest in working within the NHS.

The Trust offers work experience placements to anyone over the age of 14.  However, placements for students under 16 years are very limited as hospital departments have individual age restrictions in place for health and safety reasons. 

Over 18s only

- Child Health 

17 years or older (Year 13)

- A+E

- Cardiac Rehab

- Maternity

- Mortuary

- Occupational Therapy

- Physiotherapy

- Theatres

16 years or older (Year 12)

Placements are offered within most clinical areas, with the exception of those with age restrictions listed above.

15-16 years (Year 11)

Placements offered are primarily for office administration and have no direct patient contact. The following departments offer placements for students over 15 years;

- Clinical Coding

- Prosthetics Lab

- Pharmacy

- Pathology

14-15 years (Year 10)

Placements offered are for office administration only and have no patient contact.

How to apply

To apply for a place, please print off the application form, complete all sections and send back to us or contact the work experience team on 01782 672277. Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks in advance of your requested dates. This is due to placement co-ordination, health clearance and documentation being completed and returned. Places are open to all who meet the criteria and will be operated on a first come, first served basis to ensure equality of opportunity. Please be aware that placements in certain areas are limited.

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