What does Research and Development Do?

​​​​​​​​Research and Development – What we Do?

The R&D Department develops opportunities to find innovative treatments and looks for ideas for new products or procedures to help further improve patient care.

For our work on research there are two main areas:

1.    Home-grown research and NHS research

As a research active organisation our own staff and clinicians suggest ideas for research based on their experience and the needs of their patients. We also support national studies and trials run by the NHS.

2.    Commercial research
We also work in partnership with other public and private organisations to help in the development of a drug or equipment to take to market. This may include other health organisations and pharmaceutical companies who want to use our expertise and invite our patients to take part in research.

​Want to carry out some Research?

If you have an idea for a research study, in the first instance, please contact our Academic Team via e-mail at academic.research@uhnm.nhs.uk

​Innovation is key to Unlocking Future Developments

If you have ever had that light bulb moment when you can see a better way of doing something or had an idea for a new piece of equipment to help patients, then our Commercial Development Team wants to hear from you.

They work with patients through to doctors and nurses, indeed anyone working at the Trust, to develop new ideas. These may include innovations to improve the way we work or ideas to further improve the care offer. An example may be an idea for a new piece of equipment to help patients.

Ideas into a Reality

Our Commercial Development Team looks at turning an idea into a reality.

Not only can they help to bring ideas into practice on our wards and clinics but also develop ideas for sale in the commercial market. Using their specialist experience, the Commercial Development Team offers expert guidance to help make an idea into a saleable commodity. The money raised is then re-invested in services and care at the Trust.​

​​Contact the team via e-mail at Commercialresearch@uhnm.nhs.uk