Internal Staff Training

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Staff Training and Development Opportunities with Research and Development

There are a number of opportunities offering training and support to Trust staff to help them develop their skills and experience in delivering research trials.

All our courses are free of charge and offered by our friendly and experienced staff. Places are limited so booking is required.

IT Skills Pathway Training Centre

The IT Skill Pathway Training Centre (ISPTC) is an online resource that has been designed by the R&D Training Officer and made available to all R&D staff, to enable them to develop their skills in the use of Microsoft Office packages. 

The ISPTC is available 24-hours a day from any computer with internet access. 

A user guide has been developed which explains how to access the ISPTC, and this can be found here​.

Staff who wish to access the ISPTC during working hours will need to seek permission from their Line Manager firstly, and agree the amount of time they will spend doing so.

GCP Training

GCP training is provided by the NIHR and here is the link for the e-learning GCP.

Protecting Your Ideas: An Introduction to Intellectual Property

The Research & Development department/MidTECH is offering a FREE training course in Intellectual Property.

This Course is aimed to provide you with the tools and knowledge to protect your ideas that arise from your everyday work or research. The two hour interactive session will focus on Intellectual Property (IP) and its significance to your role, the subjects covered are as follows:

What is Intellectual Property and why is it important?
How to ensure it is protected
Types of IP
Col​l​abora​tive Relationships
Associated Documents & Agreements
IP & Grant Applications
Further Help and Support


Please check back soon for further dates

Session will take place at:

​Seminar Room DTCIM156
Lower Ground Floor 1
Main Building
Royal Stoke

To reserve a place please go to Eventbrite​.

PI Masterclass

Dates are available throughout the year for this specialist free course for PIs, which focusses on practical solutions for study oversight and management. Attendees must have completed GCP training and those that complete the Masterclass will be awarded three CPD points

The masterclass is made up of five modules covering:

1. Delivering Quality through Oversight: Inspection findings = lack of evidence of PI oversight. If it's not documented it didn't happen.  This session explores ways in which you do demonstrate oversight and will  offer a tool of how this could be documented.

2. Delegate, don't abdicate: This session will explore your understanding of the process of delegation and the implications of delegating a duty to someone – are you fully informed?

3. Data: rubbish in, rubbish out!: This session will explore your role in the quality of data produced for your study - how you can ensure quality, maintain science and the integrity of the data.

4. Safety, more than SAEs: This session will explore your understanding of patient safety through the whole study pathway, not just when an SAE/SUSAR occurs.​

5. Consent is more than saying "Yes": Understanding safety and ethical implications of not following and documenting the process throughout.

 Each of these modules has an activity, which will be used to facilitate discussion, and there will also be a tool to support PI oversight.

 ​​Masterclass 2018 Schedule​

Please check back soon for further dates

Each two-hour session will run from 12pm until 2pm

 To reserve a place:

Emma Johnson - Research and Development Training Officer​ / 01782 675392


 Statistics Drop-in Clinics

Our Academic Development Team offers support for statistical work for research projects.

It  is hosting a series of statistics drop-in clinics (for County and Royal Stoke researchers), in collaboration with the Research Design Service, Keele University. These clinics will provide statistical input for your research projects.

Clinics will provide support in areas such as:

·         Sample size calculation

·         Methodology

·         Data analysis

·         Other statistical support as necessary 

Eligibility for the service:

·         Your data must have a research focus

·         Suitable for intercalating medical students and MSc / PhD students

·         Suitable for those who have received UHNM Charitable Fund support

·         Pilot data for external research grant applications

To access this service and determine eligibility, you should contact:

Please provide the following information in your email:

·         Which dates/times  from the planned schedule you would prefer to attend

·         Details regarding the help required

·         Supporting documentation (protocol, data requiring analysis, other relevant documents)

Appointments will last approximately 45 minutes. You will have the opportunity to discuss your requirements and for the statisticians to learn more about your project and how best they can assist you.

These are the scheduled dates, but to check the latest availability please contact . Bookings are organised by the Academic Development Team, which holds the up-to-date diary for all the sessions, which are reserved on a first come basis.​

VenueDateTimeAvailability ​​​​​
​R&D Courtyard Annexe ​Friday 29th March​2:00 pm ​Booked
​3:00 pm​Available
​4​:00 pm ​Available
Thursday 5th April10:00 am​Available
​11:00 am​Available
​12:00 pm ​Available
​Friday 27th April​10:00 am​Available
​11:00 am ​Available
​12:00 pm​Available
Tuesday 8th May​1:00 pm​Available
​2:00 pm​Available
​3:00 pm​Available
​Friday 25th May​1:00 pm ​Available
​2:00 pm ​Available
​3:00 pm ​Available
Thursday 7th June​10:30 am​Available
​11:30 am​Available
​12:30 pm​Available
Friday 22nd June​10:00 am​Available
​11:00 am​Available
​12:00 pm ​Available