R & D at UHNM

​​At University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust we are a 'research active' organisation, which means we actively seek and support the development and delivery of potentially the best innovative new treatments for our patients.

Our researchers are internationally renowned and take part in global research to help a whole range of medical conditions. Through our collaboration with Keele University, leading professors and research scientists are now working alongside our clinicians to deliver ground-breaking research that can help patients not just in Staffordshire, but all over the world.

Within their specialist labs on the Trust's site, Keele researchers are devising new drugs and new treatments at a laboratory bench, which doctors and nurses are then delivering directly to patients' bedsides.

This means we have home-grown treatments which have been developed in the Trust's site now being trialed directly with our patients in areas such as Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes.​