What to bring



If you are regularly using any medication including tablets, inhalers or creams prescribed by your own doctor or medication you buy from your local pharmacy or health food shop or if you have a special card with details of any treatment please bring them with you during your hospital stay. On many wards there are now safe drug storage lockers by your bed where we will store your own medication. 

If you give your consent we can use your own medication during your stay. We will remove any old or unwanted medication and add any newly prescribed medication to your locker whilst you are in hospital. This all helps to make sure you receive the best care. If you are unable or not willing to bring in your own medication please bring in an up-to-date list of all your regular medication so we can ensure the drug chart at the end of your bed is correct. 

Bringing your own medication into hospital is very helpful and can reduce the time you wait for your tablets prior to discharge.

Address and Telephone Number of Next of Kin

Please bring a note of the name, address and telephone number of your next of kin or closest friend.

Letter of Admission

Please also bring your Letter of Admission with you.

Personal Property

Please bring with you the following items, as appropriate:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Bed jacket or cardigan
  • Nightdress/pyjamas
  • Dressing gown
  • Well fitted slippers/footwear
  • Tissues​
  • Towels
  • Indoor clothes (if preferred)
  • Spectacles, hearing/walking aids etc

You may wish to bring material of interest to occupy your time such as magazines, books, personal music player etc. It is a good idea to mark your property with your name in order to reduce loss.

Where appropriate you should also make other arrangements, such as:​

  • ​​Making sure that someone is able to collect you from the hospital and take you home after your operation. If you cannot arrange this, please let the ward manager know so that we may be able to arrange hospital transport for you.
  • Arranging for a responsible adult to stay with you for 24 hours after your operation.
  • Organising childcare for the time you are in surgery and for at least 12 hours after you leave.