What not to bring



This may interfere with your treatment. If you have concerns about your use of alcohol and would like further ad​vice or information please ask a nurse looking after you to make a referral to our specialised team of staff.

Tobacco or Tobacco Products

The hospital has a 'Smoke-Free' policy. There are restrictions on smoking so do not bring any smoking materials with you.

Outdoor Clothing

Some areas e.g. rehabilitation, encourage the wearing of everyday clothing instead of nightwear. In general, however, as storage is limited please ask someone to take all your outdoor clothing home when you are admitted.

Electrical Equipment

Equipment such as hairdryers, TVs, music players, curling tongs etc. must be checked by a Trust electrician before being used and this can take a couple of days on some occasions. Many of these items are provided by each ward.

Money and Valuables

Please do not bring any valuables or large sums of money with you. You will only need a little money to buy newspapers, soft drinks etc. or to make telephone calls. If you cannot leave valuables and money at home or with a trusted person, hand them for safekeeping to the nurse in charge when you arrive. You will be given a receipt. All money is banked by the Trust and the balance, if over 100 pounds, is refunded by cheque after you leave the hospital. If you remain in hospital longer than expected, you can be refunded smaller amounts of cash for use during your stay. 

The Trust cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to anything you bring with you unless it has been handed over for safekeeping and you can produce the receipt given to you by the hospital. Items of a small value which have not been claimed within six months of your discharge will be disposed of. If you wear a hearing aid, spectacles or false teeth you should be aware that the Trust cannot accept any responsibility for their loss or damage. The Trust recommends that such high cost items are insured for loss or damage.