The Red Bag Scheme

UHNM has launched the innovative red bag scheme to provide a better care experience for care home residents by improving communication between care homes and hospitals.

The red bag is the most visible part of successful collaboration between care homes, hospitals and ambulance staff, known as the hospital transfer pathway.

When a resident becomes unwell and is assessed as needing hospital care, care home staff pack a dedicated red bag that includes the resident's standardised paperwork and their medication, as well as day-of-discharge clothes and other personal items.

It's a simple change which is proving to have benefits for both patients and the NHS. It facilitates a smoother handover between care home, ambulance and hospital staff with fewer phone calls and follow-ups made by the hospital staff to care homes looking for health information about the resident.

The same process is repeated – with up-to-date documentation – when the resident is ready to return home.

Useful documents for the Red Bag

Documents to go into the Red Bag

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