Preparing to come in to hospital


​Try to arrange for someone to come with you when you come into hospital. They will be able to take away anything you will not need while you are here. If for medical reasons, you are unable to travel by bus or car, you can ask your Family Doctor (GP) to arrange transport for you.

The Hospital Travel Costs Scheme (HTCS) was set up to provide financial assistance to those patients who do not have a medical need for ambulance transport, but who require assistance with their travel costs. Under HTCS, patients on low incomes or specific qualifying benefits or allowances are reimbursed in part or in full for fares incurred in travelling to hospital, if their journey meets certain criteria.​

To make a claim you will need to bring proof that you are in receipt of benefit, your receipt for travel (bus/rail ticket, taxi receipt etc) and a signed attendance form from the ward or department, and then go to the Cashiers office located in the main entrance of the City General hospital. More information about the Hospital Travel Costs Scheme can be found at

If you are receiving any home care support, you or your relatives will need to cancel it by contacting your local Social Services office.

Should you need to telephone your Consultant's secretary either before, or after your stay in hospital, please have the following information ready:

  • Your Hospital Patient Number (you will find this on your letter of admission)
  • The name of your consultant
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address

If you have any special needs (e.g. at home you use a pressure relieving mattress, specialist seating, wheelchair, communication aids etc) that will affect your stay in hospital, let the ward know in advance. It would be useful for your carer to list your normal care requirements and to bring this in with you or to discuss them at the pre-assessment visit.

On rare occasions, operations have to be cancelled, mainly due to high numbers of emergencies coming to the hospital. When this happens, we will try to contact you by phone to inform you of this before you arrive at the hospital. Where possible, we also give you a new admission date then, if not you will be informed of the new date by post as soon as possible.

Due to the high number of phone calls received by wards, we ask you to arrange with your friends and relatives for one person to phone the ward to make enquiries about your progress and then inform the rest. That person can play a similar role when liaising with staff when you are on the ward.​

The Cashiers Office at County Hospital is situated in the main reception area. The Office is open Monday – Friday 10:30am-1pm and 1.30pm-4pm

Telephone: 01785 230513