Proud to Care

'Proud to Care' is a set of standards that have been written by our staff, for our staff. It is very important to us that our patients have a positive experience during their time in University Hospitals. We want to provide the level of care that all of us would want for our own loved ones.

When patients and relatives thank us, they rarely comment on clinical procedures but they do say things like, "the care provided and compassion shown by staff has been a great comfort to us". It is not the things patients expect us to do well that makes a difference, it is the way that care is provided and the attitude of all the staff they come into contact with  that influence how people look back on their hospital experience.

Every ward is responsible for self-evaluation and auditing, but the results are monitored across the Trust. Action plans are implemented following the results of the audit. Each month, we focus on a different quality standard. The 12 key topics are:

- Dignity

- Communication

- Infection Prevention and Control

- Caring for Patients Compassionately

- Pressure Area Care and Mobility

- Continence, Bladder and Bowel Care

- Nutrition, Principles of Self-care Following Discharge

- Personal and Oral Hygiene

- Administration of Medicines

- Clinical Monitoring and Documentation

 - Promoting Health

What it means to our staff

Nicola Coleman is a staff nurse in the Cancer Centre. She is responsible for the roll out of Proud to Care on her ward. This is what Proud to Care means to her...

Nicola said: "I adore my job and am passionate about providing the best care possible for patients. Proud to Care is a fantastic initiative because it helps staff to put patients first and give them the first class care they really deserve. Consideration of each quality standard helps us to focus on the most important aspects of patient care.

"One particular month, we looked at communication between staff and patients. We saw that there was room for improvement, so some of our senior staff attended workshops which helped them to understand where breakdown of communication can occur and how it can be avoided. 

"As a result of the team making a real effort to focus on this essential tool, we're delighted to say that communication has now improved. The feedback is that staff and patients now feel more comfortable and valued. Everyone making that little extra bit of effort results in a better place for patients and a more comfortable working environment for staff.

"Patient dignity is another quality standard we have had to give close consideration to. There could be nothing worse as a patient than feeling like you're just being treated as a number when you come into hospital, so we really strive to get to know our patients on a more personal level. This means taking the time to check what name and title patients prefer to be addressed by, rather than simply presuming. It's also things like asking if they have their own slippers with them and encouraging them to bring them in if they don't, so that they feel more at home.

"I can honestly say that Proud to Care has made a big difference to all the patients and staff on our ward and I am really excited to see where it takes us in the future. It reminds us that the people we care for are our central concern and that as healthcare professionals we should all be proud to care."​