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Pre Admission Management Service (PreAMS)

How to​ find us

PreAMS is situated directly beneath the hospital restaurant, on the ground floor of Main Building. When entering Main Building via the hospital atrium, walk past the left-hand side of the reception desk, turn left down the main corridor and continue straight on, following the signs for the department. 


Our clinics are open from approximately 7:30am  -  6:00pm Monday to Friday, with appointment slots available from approximately 8:00am - 5:00pm.

​Contact us

Telephone: 01782 676561

Prior to your operation it is vital that you have an assessment undertaken by one of the PreAMS team. Your health will be assessed either by telephone or a booked appointment. You will be assessed by one of Sister Hall's nurses who specialise in pre-operative assessment you will be asked about your previous medical history, so it may be a good idea to make a note of information you think will be helpful before you come to clinic including a list of the medication you are currently taking. This includes anything prescribed by your GP.You may also find it useful to make a note of questions you want to ask.

For booked appoints please bring along a urine sample in a clean container.

On arr​ival

When you arrive you will need to use the check in screens to book in for your appointment. These screens are similar to those used in many GP surgeries. It will not let you check in any earlier than one hour before your appointment. You only need to use these screen if you have a booked apt not when attending for tests only. Then please report to the PreAMS reception. ​

After your assessment it may be recommended that you require further tests before the operation, these recommendations will be discussed with you and you will be asked for your agreement to carry out the tests. 

These tests are often carried out before surgery, even for apparently healthy people, to find out about conditions that could affect your surgery or recovery.

There are advantages to having preoperative tests, these include:

  • Finding out whether you are well enough to have an anaesthetic and to have the planned operation, and assessing what risks may be involved.

  • Helping to make sure that you are going to get the best possible treatment.

  •  Identifying medical problems that could be treated or stabilised before surgery or that could mean that you need special care to prevent or reduce the risk of having complications (things going wrong) when you have the operation.

  • Identifying medical problems that may require your treatment to be changed to prevent or reduce the risk of complications.

These tests may include screening for MRSA, having a blood sample take, recording of a heart trace and/or a physical examination. Your appointment may also involve seeing a member of the medical team or a clinical nurse specialist, so please be aware that you may be with us for 2-3 hours, so it may be worthwhile bringing a drink and/or snack with you. In some cases we may decide that you need a separate appointment to discuss your anaesthetic with one of the anaesthetic Consultants. You will be provided with the date for this when you attend the department.

When leaving the cl​​inic

At the end of your consultation you will be handed a green clinic outcome form. Please ensure that you hand this in to the receptionist before you leave the clinic, as it will contain specific information about your future care

Our stu​dents

We are a teaching hospital and you may be asked if Students can attend your consultation to observe or participate under supervision in your assessment. If you do not want them to be present then please make the reception desk aware. This will not affect your treatment in any way if you decline.

Visiting and par​​​king

The Trust operates a pay and display paring system - please ensure that you have adequate change.You are advised to bring in a list of your medications and health history to your Pre-Ams a​​​ppointment.