Patients benefit from paperless critical care

UHNM's critical care department has gone paperless in a drive to further enhance patient care. Facing ever growing demands, a digital transformation project was rolled out to improve productivity of patient beds. The Centricity™ Critical Care Information System, provided by GE Healthcare, enables automatic digital recording of patient data from medical devices and ensures all patient data is available in one place for instant review. Thanks to the new information management system, nursing staff now have more time to focus on patients. The department has since been rated as 'Outstanding' by the NHS Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Dr. Stephen Krueper, Critical Care Consultant, said: "Instantly available data on patients has made our patient handover sessions and review meetings much more detailed and efficient. The intelligent ways of presenting data such as trends on graphs helps us get to know new patients much quicker and understand their case more in-depth. For example, we can see in a split second if data indicates an upward or downward trend. Now, we can instantly gain everything we need from the system via simple searches and interrogations of the data. This has a positive impact on improving the turnaround time of admin or reports that we need to deliver."

Following the installation of the system, patient length of stay has reduced by 19% and patient discharge numbers increased by 23%, meaning that patients are getting better quicker to be able to move on from critical care. Better data management has also enabled this improvement by speeding up clinical intervention and rehabilitation care that patients receive.

Dr. Christopher Thompson, Consultant in Intensive Care and Renal Medicine, said: "We wouldn't have been able to make efficient changes to our rehabilitation programme without the new patient data management system. It has definitely enabled us to make some of the quality improvements associated with the outstanding CQC rating."