Patient says Lymphoedema nurse is a "true hero"

​​Pictured: Patient Liz Drew (left) with Beccy Elwell, Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist

Patient Liz Drew has thanked her nurse for being a "true and consistent hero". Beccy Elwell helps care for patients who suffer from Lymphoedema and is known internationally for her work and research on the condition. Liz wrote to the hospital to praise Beccy for the outstanding care and support she has given.

Liz said: "Beccy has been caring for me for over 10 years and has always given wonderful care, supporting myself and my husband in so many ways. As a retired nurse I tend to judge caregivers by my own standards and Beccy always gives the highest standard of care. When I have had serious issues she has always gone the extra mile and if I have been anxious and frightened she has reassured me and taken positive action to help me. I know I am not alone in feeling so blessed to have Beccy caring for me, all of her patients feel the same. An appointment with her makes you feel good; she is so lovely and genuinely caring.  Many health providers know little of the consequences of severe Lymphoedema, but it can be worse than the cancer treatment itself and has massive implications for daily living. Beccy always gets things done and she doesn't give up until she has reached her goal of helping you to the best of her ability. Thank you Beccy, we all love you and your smile very much."

Lmyphoedema is a long-term debilitating condition which causes swelling in the body's tissues. Liz, who herself used to work at UHNM as a nurse, came under Beccy's care after receiving treatment for breast cancer. She has now given Beccy the UHNM Hero award in recognition of the difference she has made to her life.

Beccy said: "I am so humbled and overwhelmed to receive the UHNM Hero award. This honour means so much to me because it's come from a patient, and really was totally unexpected."