Parking staff wait five hours with broken down car

Pictured from left: Jim Cavanagh, Sue Howard and Matt Jepson

Two parking attendants who waited with a patient's broken-down vehicle for more than five hours have been recognised for their kindness and dedication. Patient Chloe Howard was already distressed and in pain as she arrived at A&E, when to make matters worse, her car failed. Matt Jepson and Jim Cavanagh waited in cold, wet weather until after 10:30pm for breakdown services to arrive. Chloe's mum Sue Howard wrote to the hospital to say how much she and Chloe appreciated Matt and Jim's support on that day.

Chloe said: "I got to A&E at about 5pm and my car broke dow on the zebra crossing on site. Matt immediately came to my assistance, told me not to worry about my car and that he would look after it. Then his colleague Jim came along and they both waited until the car was recovered over five hours later. I would like to thank Matt and Jim for their help and kindness. Not only was my health their top priority, but they were extremely courteous, helpful and just basically two of the nicest people I could have met. They really were my heroes in the middle of such a traumatic night."

Chloe and Sue have given Matt and Jim the UHNM Hero award in recognition of their patience and generosity.

Matt said: "It is really nice to have someone recognise what we do. This highlights the good work of the whole team at UHNM and how we try to help people on a daily basis. In this case, Chloe needed our assistance and we are so glad that we could help her during this stressful situation."