Mother and daughter thank doctor

​Pictured from left: Sasha, Dr Victoria Allouni and Jennie Starkey

A mother and daughter have thanked their doctor for being "a wonderful human being". Jennie Starkey and her daughter Sasha attended a clinic in Maternity recently to discuss the stillbirth Sasha had suffered at just under 35 weeks. Dr Victoria Allouni stepped in at short notice to cover an appointment and ensure Sasha and Jennie's comfort and care.

Jennie said: "Victoria was the first point of contact for us. She talked us through endless questions and gave us lots of hugs. We attended the maternity unit to receive the baby's post-mortem results and I was having a panic attack in the reception - there were just too many emotions and feelings to deal with. But when I saw Victoria she helped me to calm down and breathe properly. Victoria talked us through the results and it was very emotional for us all. We really feel that she went above and beyond that day and we want to thank her."

Jennie and Sasha have given Victoria the UHNM Hero award in recognition of the difference she made to them.​