HCSW offers outstanding support to Romanian family

Pictured left to right: Helen Ashley, Director of Strategy and Performance  Jacqueline Laughlin, Junior Sister, Laura Martinas, Healthcare Support Worker and Lara Baxter, Senior Sister

A healthcare support worker went above and beyond to help the family of a patient recently. Laura Martinas provided translation services to a Romanian family who had to be told by telephone that their relative would not survive his injuries following a car accident. Laura, who is herself Romanian, not only had the heartbreaking task of delivering the news to the patient's sister, but also continued to support the family when they arrived in the UK the day after he passed away.

Jacqueline Laughlin, Junior Sister, said: "Although Laura naturally has the language skills, being Romanian herself, this type of task - having to break bad news and offer this level of support  - goes far beyond what would normally be expected of someone in her position and we are very proud of her for acting in this most caring and compassionate way. She really provided a lot of comfort to a grieving family."

Laura has been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her outstanding care and compassion.

Jacqueline said: "Thanks to Laura, we were able to get information about this gentleman's culture and make the arrangements around his death appropriate to his background, so that everything was done right and properly in his family's eyes. Laura also stayed with him whilst he died. She's definitely worthy of recognition for how she acted in this case." ​