Game Changer at UHNM

Pictured: The Extended Reality Laboratory in the Postgraduate Medical and Education Centre at County Hospital uses the latest technology to help staff and students learn new skills

University Hospitals of North Midlands  is looking forward to health commentator Roy Lilley and the Academy of Fabulous Stuff hosting a 'GameChanger' showcase event at County Hospital, Stafford on 7 November 2019.

Focused on the state-of-the art Extended Reality Laboratory in the Postgraduate Medical and Education Centre and specifically how, with Sim4Med, UHNM has pioneered technology to provide cutting-edge simulation training, the event will be live streamed on social media.

Roy said: "As I travel around the NHS, time and again, I see really good ideas that are innovative, save money, make the NHS safer, and make work easier. You don't have to scratch much below the surface to find them. They are everywhere and the Academy is the place to look.

"However, once in a while I come across ideas, products, services or new ways of doing things that are 'game changers'."

UHNM is the first is the country to open an extended reality medical training facility in a new state-of-art training laboratory.

The laboratory has been described as the "future of simulation" and allows any setting to be projected onto blank walls taking away the need for lengthy set up when providing simulated training in a ward, emergency resus area or pre-hospital environment for example.

Today Dr Mark Poulson, Associate Medical Director for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education and Consultant in Emergency Medicine, said: "We have been using simulation to train healthcare professionals for several years but our new Extended Reality Laboratory takes it to the next level.

"The simulation space uses the latest technology and creates an environment not used elsewhere before to support our staff as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students to learn new skills and train.  Our vision is all about creating excellent doctors for the future."