Doctor helped us through heartbreak and joy

Pictured from left: Kate Hackett, Senior Nurse for Education and Workforce, Isabella Delicata, James Delicata, Mr Mohammed Shahin, Laura Delicata, George Delicata

From heartbreak to joy, one doctor saw Laura and James Delicata through it all. Obstetrics and gynaecology consultant Mr Mohammed Shahin cared for Laura on three separate occasions: an investigative colposcopy procedure, a miscarriage and a later c-section. Laura and her husband James visited the hospital again this week, this time to say thank you to Mr Shahin. They were joined by their two-year-old daughter Isabella and baby George, whom Mr Shahin delivered.

Laura said: "When I got the abnormal smear results I was really scared, because I knew it could mean I had cancer. Isabella was only six months' old at the time, so it was particularly terrifying. The colposcopy procedure itself isn't particularly pleasant, but Mr Shahin was incredibly kind and reassuring during the whole thing and thankfully, the results were clear. The second time I met Mr Shahin was after I suffered a miscarriage. Obviously this was a very upsetting time, but he really went out of his way to help me, ensuring I could have the procedure I needed as soon as possible. He was very compassionate and showed that he clearly has a lot of empathy for the ladies in his care. He even came to check up on me twice after. Then finally, I needed a c-section after falling pregnant again. I remember anxiously waiting to have it, not sure who my consultant was – and feeling the immense relief when I saw Mr Shahin appear! I knew we would be safe and that I didn't have to worry as I was in the best hands. Mr Shahin is very talented and a credit to UHNM. We have experienced his expertise over three different areas within the field of obs and gynae and are very grateful to him."

James said: "I think it's sometimes possible for the Dad to feel like a bit of a passenger in this situation because, obviously, care is centred on the mother and things are largely dealt with between mum and consultant. But I didn't feel like this; having someone you feel comfortable with makes a massive difference and being cared for by Mr Shahin has brought me an immense amount of relief and comfort. We weren't in the best of circumstances, but we had the best person looking after us."

Laura, a nurse, and James, a legal executive, live in Endon with their two children, Isabella and George.  Mr Shahin delivered George by Caesarean section last year. The family have given Mr Shahin the UHNM Hero award in recognition of his outstanding care and compassion.

Mr Shahin initially trained in Egypt before coming to the UK. He lives locally and also has two young children.

Mr Shahin said: "There are no words to express how I feel about being given this award. It's very rewarding to know I have been able to make a difference to Laura and James and their family. I really enjoy being able to work across different aspects of the specialty and having the opportunity to continually enhance my practice. I think showing compassion to patients is equally as important as having the necessary clinical skills and it is one of the Trust's key values, so it's very important that everyone who works here demonstrates this quality. I want to stress that anything we achieve here is only through teamwork. Everyone, from admin staff to theatre staff, pulls together to give patients the best care possible."