Cardiac nurse receives heartfelt thanks

Pictured: Michelle Beeston (front) with colleagues from Ward 220, which cares for cardiac patients

A nurse has received a special 'thank you' from a patient and his wife. Michelle Beeston, who works as a cardiac assessment nurse at Royal Stoke, helped to care for Stephen Selwood following a heart attack earlier this year. Stephen was referred to the rapid access chest pain clinic suffering shortness of breath and having received an initial diagnosis of asthma, but it turned out that he had actually suffered a heart attack four weeks earlier. His wife Rachel wrote to thank Michelle for the outstanding care and compassion she had given.

Rachel Selwood said: "We were blown away by the care we received and I wish I could shout it from the rooftops. Michelle was just amazing and we can still remember her efficiency and professionalism today, although everyone involved worked together as a complete team.  It came as such a shock that Stephen had had a heart attack, but Michelle was very clear and straightforward with us. She told my husband that she would look after him as if he were her own dad, which was lovely and seemed to put his mind at rest. She then moved heaven and earth to get him a bed, still whilst working through all her morning appointments. She told me I'd probably saved his life by administering 300mg aspirin (at this point I broke down and she was very compassionate). She also gave us advice about what had happened and what would happen from now on. I believe she then had to go over to A&E to start work there! I can't reiterate enough how everyone worked as a team. The continuity of care was excellent, but knowing that we had the care of this particular nurse was very reassuring as she gave a real feeling of competence. We know there is still a way to go for Stephen to get back to full health, but we now have the chance of that. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Stephen and Rachel have given Michelle the UHNM Hero award in recognition of her outstanding compassion. Michelle has worked at UHNM for two years and has been a cardiac nurse for over 12 years.

Michelle said: "I remember Steve and Rachel well, particularly because Steve was quite young to suffer a heart attack and because it came as such a shock to them. I'm glad I was able to offer comfort to them at this horrible time and help to calm the situation. I am really touched to receive this award. Being a nurse is a vocational thing and you don't do it for glory, but it is so nice when patients take the time to give us feedback and makes it all worthwhile."