Cancer patient benefits from new linac machine

Pictured: Mr Roy Johnson (centre) was one of the first patients to use the new linear accelerator this week. He and his wife Elizabeth were presented with flowers by the Radiotherapy team.

78 year-old Roy Johnson has become one of the first patients to benefit from UHNM's new linear accelerator. Mr Johnson, from Oakamoor, is being treated for prostate cancer. He visited the department with wife Elizabeth this week to undergo his penultimate session of radiotherapy. The new linear accelerator, installed at the end of June, is capable of delivering SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy), a more intensive form of treatment which causes only minimal damage to surrounding organs.

Mr Johnson said: "I'm really excited to be treated on the new machine. The technology is more advanced, and that means I get even better treatment. I wasn't too worried when I was diagnosed, because I knew I'd be in good hands and I had confidence that I would receive the best treatment and have the right people looking after me. The care at UHNM has been first class and the staff are all very caring and helpful, I really couldn't fault my experience."

The linac machine, which cost £1.7 million, will enable clinicians to treat smaller tumours in areas of the body that were previously difficult to access and therefore improve chance of survival and quality of life.

Angela Hall, Deputy Radiotherapy Service Manager, (pictured centre, right), said: "The new machine is cutting-edge technology and means we can offer even more effective care to our patients. For example, it provides better imaging quality, which enables us to achieve a more accurate set-up and therefore more precise, targeted radiotherapy. Our staff are really excited about the new machine because it means we can enhance the excellent care that we already deliver even further."