A and E reception team to the rescue

Pictured: Jennie Porter, Operational Services Manager, (centre), with members of the A&E reception team at Royal Stoke University Hospital

Our lovely A&E reception team came to the rescue recently by helping a young mother and her child to get home safely. The pair were left stranded at the hospital with no money or even their coats, following a rushed visit to the department. The team on duty at Royal Stoke were so concerned that they decided to club together to pay for their transport home.

Jennie Porter, Operational Services Manager, said: "Without help, this lady and her child would have been quite literally left out in the cold. It's the little things in life that count, and this 'little thing' has made me even more proud of my team. They didn't have to do this, but they wanted to help someone in genuine need. Acting in a kind and generous way is all part of our core values as a hospital and the staff involved really demonstrated these values with this kind-hearted gesture."

The team have been given a UHNM Hero award in recognition of the difference they made to a patient.