dDeaflinks A and E engagement event at UHNM

Yesterday, Thursday 12 April 2018, the A&E department at Royal Stoke University Hospital welcomed members from local charity dDeaflinks Staffordshire, to discuss how the experience for deaf patients in A&E can be improved.

The session involved a positive discussion about patient experience, positive and negative, and what measures can be taken to help improve the Emergency Department service for deaf patients.

Michelle Le’Queux​, Business Manager for A&E, said: "We're delighted to welcome dDeaflinks Staffordshire to UHNM today. We've engaged with the charity due to feedback we've had from patients who have used our service and have had some issues. Our intention is to listen to their stories what went well and what didn't, and put actions in place that will hopefully improve their overall experience. It's crucial that we continue our engagement with dDeaflinks to establish a lifelong commitment of improvement.

"We've already been looking at installing some proactive measures and we're very open to improving and developing our service and welcome any feedback and suggestions from our patients to help us introduce sustainable, positive change.

Ruth Woodcock, dDeaflinks Staffordshire Manager, said: "We've been in touch with the hospital after few of our members experienced issues in A&E, so UHNM have invited us along to share their experiences to improve services in the future for our community. It's very important that the hospital continue to engage especially for our deaf community, as they sometimes feel like they don't have a voice and can find it difficult to access a service and make a complaint. The fact that UHNM is engaging with our group and the deaf community helps them feel like their views matter and these positive steps are an absolutely brilliant move forward."

To find out more about dDeaflinks Staffordshire, visit their website via: http://deaflinksstaffordshire.com/