World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elder abuse affects between 500,000 - 800,000 older people across the UK each year, causing enormous pain and suffering. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day was created to educate people how to prevent abuse, or how to get help if they are being, or have been abused, or are at risk of being abused. 

See or suspect something Say Something ! STOP ADULT ABUSE.

How to report abuse: making a safeguarding referral.

If it is an emergency and someone is seriously hurt, or the abuser is still with the adult and they are in immediate danger ring the Police on 999.

You can raise a safeguarding referral by telephoning your concerns through to the local authority (numbers listed below). Please always consider all those at risk which may include other adults with care and support needs, children and protection of the unborn. 

If the adult lives in Stoke on Trent      telephone:     0800 561 0015

If the adult lives in Staffordshire:        telephone:     0345 604 2719

Out of area please conduct an internet search for the relevant local authority safeguarding telephone numbers. ​