World’s first smart implant for heart patients at UHNM

University Hospitals of North Midlands have undertaken the world's first ever smart implant procedure for patients with heart failure. The cutting-edge Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy (CRT) implant uses technology to connect to an app on a phone or tablet.

Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy is a treatment for patients with heart failure and improves their shortness of breath. While this particular therapy has been around since the late 1990's the new smart implant allows clinicians to monitor their patients remotely using state-of-the-art Smart Synch technology. The procedure took place on 18 June 2019.

Dr Ashish Patwala, Consultant Cardiologist said: "Until fairly recently the only way that we could check implant devices was by the patient coming to have a check at the hospital, which can be every three to six months or installing technology in the patients home to allow us to check the device remotely.

"But now with Smart Synch technologies we can check the device, wherever they are in the world, the patient doesn't need any new equipment at home and if they go away on holiday we are still able to check their implant. The other notable development is that for the first time the patient themselves can now download the app, see their own data and be directly involved in their own care.

"I'm really proud we can offer this to our local population before anyone else in the world."

UHNM has always been at the forefront of smart implants. In June 2018 the cardiology team also performed another world first with Smart Synch Pacemakers, which allows patients to monitor the condition of their own pacemaker also with an app.

Dr Ashish Patwala added: "We were the first centre to implant Smart Synch technology in pacemakers and to now be the first to offer for CRT is a great honour and one we are really proud of."