Winter Wonderland at County Hospital Theatres

​​The Theatres Department at County Hospital have come together to create a special Christmas environment for their patients.

Staff on the department came in on their day off to set up the stunning decorations, which are stationed throughout the approach to the theatres, and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients.

Gaynor Hancock, Theatre Co-Ordinator, said: "Everything we've used to create these decorations is from recycled or unused items, including items left over from previous years and we're delighted with the results.

"Many of the staff came in last weekend on their day off and we had a really enjoyable couple of hours as everyone got stuck in to help set all the decorations up and I think we've managed to create a really innovative design for our patients. The thinking behind the design is that patients who are entering the theatres when they're at their most nervous will have their spirits raised by the decorations and the general atmosphere. The theatres team here at County Hospital have a fantastic team spirit and it's a really positive atmosphere to work in and we all work very closely together to achieve some fantastic outcomes for our patients."

Julie Lehman, Theatre Co-Ordinator, said: "This is a really important date in the calendar every year and we use it as a significant team building exercise because everyone on the department looks forward to providing their input and creating something really special for our patients. The feedback we've had from the patients has been absolutely brilliant and provides a talking point for them before their surgery."