Volunteer Voice Lyn Norman

As part of the #VolunteerVoice campaign we're profiling a number of our volunteers from across UHNM and highlighting the valuable role they play in the UHNM family.

Each week a different volunteer will talk about their experiences and how their role benefits patients and supports the work of clinical teams.

This week, Lyn Norman has been speaking about her experience as a volunteer on Ward 12 at County Hospital.

"I started volunteering at County Hospital 8 years ago and it's been a really incredible experience. My husband also volunteers here at County Hospital in the Outpatients Department, which means we're able to encourage and support each other and we've found volunteering to be very beneficial for us both.

"As a volunteer I work several hours each shift. It's a lovely job that ranges from making teas & coffees in the morning to engaging with patients and making them feel comfortable during their time on the ward. My brief as a volunteer is quite simply, if the patients want to talk then talk with them! I feel quite privileged to be able to interact with them and some of the stories are fascinating. It's a great job and a real win-win situation for me and UHNM.

"Obviously everybody knows how busy the staff are, so for a volunteer to be able to just talk to the patients and help out with refreshments, hopefully helps alleviate some of that pressure.  I've found Ward 12 to be a real team environment with everyone working together in a really positive and patient focused atmosphere.

"I think the role of volunteers is a necessary one for any modern hospital and it's a lovely feeling to be able to give something back and be a part of something so wonderful.

 "Volunteering can be a really valuable introduction into healthcare for people who may be considering a career in the profession. If you're committed and enthusiastic, then it's an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable experience."