Vaccination success no flu(ke)

​The annual flu-vaccination campaign has started at UHNM and the Infection Prevention team are in a flu frenzy to vaccinate as many staff as possible.

This year the Infection Prevention team held a 22-hour jabathon and have seen a massive increase in uptake for the flu jab in just week one of their campaign. Already more than 2,400 members of staff have had their jab. This just goes to show how keen our staff are to protect our patients.

Already after one week, UHNM has vaccinated 35% of staff.

Mel Manners, Lead vaccinator at UHNM, said: "UHNM was one of the top five trusts last year for staff having the flu vaccination in terms of actual staff numbers, last year more than 7,000 staff received their jab at Royal Stoke and County Hospital combined.

"A lot of people don't realise that you can still pass on flu, even if you don't have the symptoms. So it's important that staff do still get the flu jab even if they feel fine and remember the flu jab cannot give you the flu."

This year the flu vaccine has four strains of flu, this means extra protection that will help to protect your family, friends, colleagues and patients.