UHNM at forefront of 24/7 stroke service

(Stroke Team at UHNM with Dr Nayak pictured centre)

UHNM's pioneering Mechanical Thrombectomy service is featured in a new national guide to support other organisations to develop similar services across the UK.

The life-saving service at Royal Stoke University Hospital is highlighted in the guide 'Mechanical Thrombectomy for acute ischaemic stroke: an implementation guide for the UK' on the Oxford Academic Health Science Network.

Consultant Neuroradiologist Dr Sanjeev Nayak, who has authored a chapter in the guide about establishing a 24/7 Mechanical Thrombectomy service, said: "It was an honour to be asked to contribute to such an important guide and highlight our work at University Hospitals of North Midlands. We have been at the forefront of providing Mechanical Thrombectomy since 2009 and has benefitted hundreds of patients since its launch."

The procedure involves carefully removing the clots from deep within the brain, using a 3ft-long wire. A stent at the end of the wire envelopes the clot and pulls it out, allowing blood to flow freely to the brain. The treatment is available to patients on a 24/7 basis with a dedicated team providing the service to patients round the clock and the Trust has the largest patient population treated by Mechanical Thrombectomy in the UK.

There is overwhelming evidence that Mechanical Thrombectomy (MT) for the treatment of ischaemic stroke due to large artery occlusion is highly effective and could benefit at least one in ten patients admitted to hospital with an acute stroke. The guide brings together evidence and analysis, practical experience from early adopters, such as UHNM, as well as lessons learned from earlier cardiology and stroke services.

Read more about the guide here - www.oxfordahsn.org/our-work/adopting-innovation/mt-guide/<http://www.oxfordahsn.org/our-work/adopting-innovation/mt-guide/>