Terminally ill patient has marriage wish granted

​​Jon Scott, Chief Operating Consultant, presents Senior Staff Nurse Elizabeth Jellyman with her Employee of the Month award, which she received for helping to arrange the wedding

A terminally ill patient has had their last wish granted, thanks to the exemplary work of a nurse in A&E. Phil Stubbs was brought into the emergency department at Royal Stoke after his condition worsened and was told he had only hours to live. Nurse Liz Jellyman managed to organise a wedding for Phil and his long-term partner Pam, who had been together for 28 years and had planned to marry before Phil received his cancer diagnosis.  

Sadly, Phil passed away the day after his wedding. Liz has now been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her work in helping to make a very sad time into a happier one.

Liz said: "This was such a rewarding thing to be involved in and really the highlight of my 39-year career at UHNM. It was of course a very bittersweet occasion, but I am thrilled that I was able to have a share in helping Phil and Pam at what was a very difficult time for them. When we were talking to Pam she expressed regret that they hadn't gotten married sooner and I don't know why, but I just suddenly asked them if they'd like to do it today and she said yes! We had a bit of space in our clinical decision unit, so we decorated it up and arranged for one of our hospital chaplains to attend. It was a wonderful thing to see. I really didn't expect to get an award for this, it was such a lovely surprise. I have also received a lovely gift and card from Pam, a token of her appreciation which I really treasure."

Dr Julie Norton, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, said: "We know that this act of kindness and compassion meant a huge amount to Phil and Pam and what Liz achieved is incredible, especially as she managed to bring everything together in just four hours. Liz really provided the leadership, will and determination needed to make this happen. She is an outstanding nurse who supports her patients and other staff at every opportunity and this is a great example of what she is capable of. I am extremely proud to work with her."​