Teamwork keeps clinic running smoothly

​A dental nurse and medical secretary have used their ingenuity to ensure clinical notes are available following digitalisation​. Anita Curley, Senior Dental Nurse, and Annette Wright, Medical Secretary, co-ordinated the scanning and uploading of 1,300 sets of patient notes recently to ensure orthodontics patients could still be treated.

Karen Juggins, Consultant Orthodontist said: "When the orthodontics department changed from paper notes to digital records recently they encountered a number of challenges, the most notable being that from 1st April they would not have access to paper notes. We rely on clinical notes for information and the department was facing a situation where they potentially could not treat patients.  No-one could find a suitable compromise, until Annette Anita came up with their idea.

"Anita and Annette therefore decided that notes for clinic should be pulled until the beginning of July, giving time for the majority of patients currently in treatment to be seen. When clinic notes were finished with, Anita and her team coded and sorted them. They were then passed to Annette and her team to scan the entire orthodontic entry to date, which was uploaded onto iPortal and stickers were  applied to the notes so that they no longer need to be pulled."

Anita and Annette have been awarded Team of the Month in recognition of their hard work and innovation.

Karen said: "Anita and Annette have undertaken a mammoth task and saved the Trust considerable time and resources.  A staggering 1,300 sets of notes have been scanned and uploaded thanks to their efforts. We think that's amazing and a great sign of team effort. It's been driven entirely by Annette and Anita. Change is welcome but sometimes causes unexpected adversity, which can only be overcome by special individuals taking a lead. I think they both deserve to win an award 10 times over."

Annette said: "We couldn't have done it without the support of our secretarial team who've put so much work in from February until the end of June, which was amazing."

Anita said: "I led it from the orthodontics department side and liaised with Annette on a weekly basis, we couldn't have done it without the support of the nurses and secretaries."

Lorraine Whitehead, Director of Estates, Facilities and PFI said: "Really well done and congratulations to both Anita and Annette for their hard work in improving efficiency and effectiveness in their department."