Staff member improved patient's quality of life

Pictured from left: Naomi Duggan, Director of Communications, Rebecca Hayes, Discharge Facilitator and Lyn Ward, Sister on Ward 108

A discharge facilitator has helped to greatly improve the quality of a patient's life. Rebecca Hayes, who works on Ward 108 at Royal Stoke, organised donations of toiletries for the patient to use and even took their clothes home to wash them.  The patient, who lived alone in a home of poor disrepair, had nothing of their own.

Lyn Ward, Sister, said: "Rebecca has shown so much care and dedication in her role and has gone well above and beyond what is expected of her. This patient had literally nothing, so what Rebecca did made a huge difference to the quality of this patient's life. She also encouraged the patient to communicate with others on the ward. The patient had lived in a house alone for many years with no family or friends, but Rebecca befriended them and gave them self-worth. She is a shining example on the ward."

Rebecca has been given the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her exemplary care.

Rebecca said: "I feel highly honoured to have received this award. Making sure a patient has a safe journey and feels secure in our care from the moment we admit them to when we discharge them is a really important part of my role."

Naomi Duggan, Director of Communications said: "It's always lovely to receive nominations for people who are doing an amazing job. We really thank Rebecca for everything she has done for our patients and for being a great member of the team. She is obviously very highly thought of by her colleagues, and that's always lovely to see."