Son thanks doctor for care of elderly mother

Pictured: Dr Adrian Morley-Davies receiving his UHNM Hero certificate from Mr Jonathan Summers

The son of a patient has thanked the doctor who helped care for his elderly mother. Mr Jonathan Summers wrote to the hospital to thank Dr Adrian Morley-Davies for his outstanding care of Mrs Carrie Summers, who was cared for on the cardiology ward at Royal Stoke.

Mr Summers said: "My mother passed away earlier this year after a wonderful 90 years of life. Dr Morley-Davies spent considerable time with my sister and I discussing palliative care and the process of the next few days. This was always going to be a difficult discussion, but he put us at ease and gently explained all the options before us. We both asked for the next few days to be as peaceful and pain-free as possible and without doubt, I believe it was. My sister is a retired nurse of 30 years and said that Dr Morley-Davies was one of the nicest, most genuine, caring consultants she had ever met and I felt the same."

Mr Summers has given Dr Morley-Davies the UHNM Hero award in acknowledgement of his outstanding support.

Mr Summers said: "I would also like to say a special thank you to the ward sister, Donna Brindley, for going above and beyond the call of duty. She and her team made us comfortable, allowed us to visit anytime and cared for us whilst we stayed overnight on the last evening. The service and support my mother received really was superb. In these times where you mainly see negative press about the NHS, your treatment of my mother made me proud of what the NHS is, especially UHNM. If I do ever need to be admitted to a hospital, I sincerely hope it is yours."