Porters helping to enhance patient care

Hospital porters are helping to enhance patient care at UHNM. A successful trial of collaborative working between the portering team, emergency department (ED) staff and  imaging, has resulted in improved patient flow and quicker transfer of patients. Changes have been made through close partnership working with Sodexo, who provide the portering service.

Claire Tooth, emergency department Matron, said: "Porters have been given more ownership of their duties within designated areas in the emergency department which has made them more a part of the ED team and helped us to communicate more effectively. We have given area co-ordinators operational responsibility for the deployment of porters, so they can now be quickly sent to areas when there is a surge in demand. This has really helped to improve the timely move and transfer of patients. We've also found a need to increase the number of porters on duty throughout the night and on Saturdays and we now have a further ongoing trial looking at how we can develop this. The Sodexo team have been very supportive and porters themselves have embraced the change, they've been really positive and enthusiastic. We are seeing really good results for patients and staff."

Staff in the Imaging department have also supported the trial and have played a key part in the success of the model.

Kay Jones, CT Superintendent Radiographer, said: "The service to patients was already good, but we have worked closely together to improve things so that patients are now transferred to the department in an even more timely manner. This is very encouraging and a great example of what can team work can achieve."

Louise Durose, Portering Supervisor for Sodexo, said: "The portering service is like the capillaries of the hospital - it keeps everything moving! We make constant improvements to the way we undertake our work and without porters, flow would not be maintained or improved. The success of this project is testament to the commitment, hard work and pride of our staff. Ultimately, they have improved care for patients."