Patient thanks team after emergency eye surgery

Mr Imran Khan was presented with his UHNM Hero certificate by Helen Inwood, Deputy Chief Nurse and Mr Peter Hill, patient

Patient Peter Hill has said 'thank you' for the emergency eye surgery which saved his sight following a torn retina. Mr Hill was treated in the eye clinic at UHNM following development of symptoms. He underwent emergency corrective surgery under Mr Imran Khan and his sight is now fully restored.

Mr Hill said: "It was really strange, I had no warning and the symptoms came on really suddenly. All I could see were squiggly lines in front of my eyes. Needless to say, this was pretty scary – but Mr Khan was both professional and friendly and a credit to the ethos of UHNM. All too often we only hear about when things go wrong, so it's even more important to say thank you when things go right. What a tremendous service this was, especially when the organisation is under such great pressure!"

A detached retina is when the thin layer at the back of the eye (the retina) becomes loose. It is imperative that it is treated quickly to stop it permanently affecting someone's sight. Detached retinas are usually caused by changes to the jelly inside the eye, which can happen as someone get older.

Mr Hill visited the hospital again to come and thank Mr Khan personally. He has given Mr Khan the UHNM Hero award to say thank you for his exceptional care.