Patient thanks consultant for outstanding care

A long-term patient has thanked his consultant for the outstanding care she has given him. Andy Taylor suffers from chronic kidney disease and has been under the care of Dr Julie Wessels for 12 years. He has a ten year-old son called William and is married to wife Karen Taylor.

Andy said: "During the last few years Dr Wessels has worked tirelessly to help me to live a more comfortable life and she will perhaps never realise how grateful I am to her for that. Each time I see her in clinic, I notice her methodical and meticulous approach to medicine and her unwavering attention to the finest details of my healthcare. Her approach is always to be both cautious and deliberate, whilst still caring and warm. Dr Wessels is without any doubt one of the most careful, fastidious and knowledgeable doctors one could ever wish for and I feel incredibly lucky to have her looking after me."

Andy has given Dr Wessels the UHNM Hero award to say thank you for her care and dedication.

He said: "I am an ardent foodie and a keen traveller and as such I try to actively explore the world. There's so much to do, I often feel that there are never enough hours in the day. I strongly believe that because of Dr Wessels tireless efforts, I am able to live twice as long than I would have without her help. To me that translates simply to twice as many dinner parties with family and friends, twice as many whale watching trips and twice as much pizza."

Dr Wessels, said: "This award is a lovely surprise and is something that I'm not used to receiving. I'm incredibly grateful to Mr Taylor for the nomination and it's very pleasing to get this kind of feedback from one of my patients. Over the 12 years of working with Mr Taylor we have helped him along his treatment pathway, and the success of Mr Taylor's treatment has really been down to his engagement with the whole team and his approach to self-care. We're delighted with his progression and I would like to wish him and his family all the best in the next chapter of their lives." ​