New Father runs 10 10Ks in under a year

The father of a child who spent 81 days in Royal Stoke University Hospital has run 10 10K races in the space of 10 months to raise money for UHNM Charity.

Antony Perrins completed the feat on Sunday 9 October 2018 with his running of the Katherine House 10K. He has also ran the Kidsgrove, Walton Wobble, Lilleshall Hill, Chasewater, Trentham Gardens, Stone, Berryhill, Cannock Chase, and Stafford 10k races, raising nearly £1,000 for UHNM Charity in the process. Antony is still raising money, and donations can be made here.

Antony is raising money for UHNM Charity to thank the Trust for the care given to his child over the past year. He and his partner, Gemma, became parents to Oliver Charlie Perrins on 16 August 2017. Originally due in late October, Oliver was born via emergency caesarian section after Gemma developed preeclampsia in her second trimester, and weighed a tiny 2lb, 13oz. Oliver then spent 81 days with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, who provided both medical support to Oliver, as well as emotional support to Gemma and Antony.

Antony said: "All the staff on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) have been amazing and without all of their help and support we wouldn't have our little miracle with us today. It costs over £1,000 per day for a baby to be in the intensive care unit and as a small way of thanking all of the staff at Royal Stoke NICU I decided to give something back."

Gemma and Antony were later able to take Oliver home, where he is now doing well. The money Antony has raised will go towards supporting the NICU, and he is still accepting donations.

Steve Rushton, UHNM Charity Manager, said: "It is incredible what Antony has done for the charity, and we are so thankful he has decided to raise the money for us here at UHNM. It constantly amazes us what our patients and relatives of patients are willing to do to support us, and Antony is no exception to this."