National IT issues update

Staff and public IT update:

As you may be aware, despite national IT issues, our hospitals are running as normal.

For staff returning to work today, Monday 15 May 2017, our IT teams have been working throughout the weekend to ensure that computers across the Trust are safe for staff to use. If you are returning to work at one of our hospitals for the first time since the issues occurred on Friday, all you have to do is turn on your PC or laptop and the necessary software will automatically download. This may take some time so please be patient. Once the download has finished you can use your machine as normal. If there is more than one machine in your office, please turn them on in stages.

The software can be downloaded via Trust wifi but it may be quicker to plug it into the network using a network cable. Please note that the necessary software can only be downloaded from within the Trust. If you are working from home you will need to bring your machine into the offices opposite Trust HQ or contact the Service Desk who can help further.

All Trust mobile phones should be working fine. If your computer appeared to have the virus, please do not switch it on. Contact the Service Desk immediately.


Patients are reminded to attend any planned appointments unless they have been contacted directly by the Trust. Please continue to use the A&E services for serious or life threatening emergencies only.

We would like to take the opportunity to again thank all the staff and partners who have gone above and beyond this weekend to restore services for patients and ensure staff returning to work today can work as normal.​​