MDT Clerk's dedication upholds quality care

​​Jake Astley was presented with his Employee of the Month award by Liz Rix, Chief Nurse

Patients at UHNM are benefitting from the dedication of an admin team member. Jake Astley, who works in the Histology department, came in off annual leave to help set up a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting recently. He made the independent decision to come into work after realising that the colleague normally responsible was unwell.

Karen Rhodes-Brandt, Team Leader, said: "Had Jake not taken the decision to come in and helped to get the early morning meeting set up, patients may have faced a delay in their treatment. Jake's commitment ensured that the meeting went ahead without any disruption. He didn't even mention it to me, which shows how much he is a team player who really displays the Trust's key value of 'Compassion' through his work and attitude. He is always willing to help others."

Histology is a vital field of work which involves the microscopic examination of tissue samples, with results enabling clinicians to see what the likely course and outcome of a disease will be. Jake has also received glowing praise from a number of senior clinical colleagues who work in Histology regarding his commitment and dedication.

Karen said: "Histology is a really important part of patient care and the work of our consultants and senior clinicians is supported through our experienced team. Jake has gone above and beyond to show his commitment, it is great to see him being rewarded for this and consultants have praised him regarding his work ethics, commitment and friendliness.  I am honoured to work with such a fantastic team of dedicated staff in Histology."

Jake said: "I felt really happy about getting the award. It's nice to be recognised, especially as we're a bit of a background service. But to be honest, just knowing that what I'm doing can help patients is more than enough."