Keep Stoke Smiling campaign

The Orthodontic team at Royal Stoke University Hospital have taken to Instagram to launch a #keepstokesmiling campaign. The team, who are internationally famous for producing nice smiles, want to make sure the smiles match the good nature of the people of Stoke. The five-strong consultant-led team have treated thousands of children and adults from across the North Midlands, transforming both their teeth and their lives.

Karen Juggins, the Consultant Orthodontist who is leading the initiative, said: "Social Media is a fantastic way to educate our patients and promote orthodontics and good dental health. Instagram offers us an opportunity to share reliable information with patients about their orthodontic treatment and oral health in general. Instagram is a place where you see so many people smiling so it's the perfect place to talk about #keepstokesmiling.

"Our department strives for excellence and our motto of 'good enough is not good enough' is very apparent when you visit the clinic. We've covered the walls and display cabinets display with certificates and trophies for the straightest teeth and perfect smiles. Everywhere you look there are posters and leaflets for patients with information on how to keep their teeth in tip top condition. It's all part of their long standing campaign to 'Keep Stoke Smiling'."

You can follow the Stoke Orthodontic Team on #keepstokesmiling​