Glucose meter project set to benefit patients

​UHNM has introduced new blood glucose monitors which will allow patients to be monitored more accurately. Project nurse Letitia Selby has been praised for her valuable contribution to the project, which is set to benefit patients and help save valuable funds.

Christine Bromley, Pathology Manager, said: "Right from the beginning, I realised what an accomplished member of staff Letitia is. Her attention to detail, drive and positive attitude shone through from 'day one' and without her, the glucose meter project would simply not have happened.  Logistically and operationally she is on point at all times whilst being able to engage on a human level with everyone involved. Letitia has also provided nursing support by facilitating many flu vaccinations across UHNM. I am truly humbled to have worked with Letitia and have learnt so much from her. Thank you Letitia for all that you have done."

Letitia has been awarded Employee of the Month in recognition for all her hard work and dedication on the project.

Letitia said: "I feel very privileged, but really, we work as a team in Pathology. There are people behind the scenes that have been so kind and generous and have made really valuable contributions along the way."

Deborah Meehan, Deputy Director of Nursing Quality & Safety said: "It's a credit to Letitia that she has been awarded Employee of the Month and it's obvious that she has great skill and experience."