Giant inflatable bowel at Royal Stoke

​A giant inflatable bowel will be set up in the Atrium at Royal Stoke University Hospital on Tuesday 16 April 2019. The organ, which measures 27' by 7', will help to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, with visitors getting the opportunity to walk through the bowel and get a close look at polyps and cancers. UHNM's bowel cancer screening team will also be available to help answer any queries and concerns people may have about the disease.

Angela Power, Bowel Cancer Screening Programme Manager, said: "This is a great opportunity for people to find out more about bowel cancer. Bowel Cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK and is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK but it is also one of the most treatable if caught at an early stage. Bowel cancer affects around 42,000 people every year.

"Bowel cancer screening aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage, when treatment is more likely to be effective. Bowel cancer screening can also detect polyps.  These are not cancer, but may develop into cancers over time."

If you're aged between 60 and 74 the national bowel cancer screening programme invites you to complete a screening test every 2 years by sending a kit out in the post.  If your aged 75 or over you can call 0800 707 6060 to request your free kit.